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How To Play Quick Hit Slots

Are you interested in playing the Quick Hit slot machine? If you are, then you should read this review to learn how to play it – as well as where. Quick Hit Volcano and Jungle are a modern, video take on the 5-reel Quick Hit format, and in many ways are quite alike to their older mechanical reel counterparts. In many places you can find it with the same $1.50 max bet as well. The bonuses differ but both have a picking mechanic, just like the earlier games as well. Five Quick Hit symbols pays 10x the bet on any bet below max bet.

So a 30 cent bet would pay $3 for five Quick Hit symbols, 60 cents would have $6, etc. However, if betting the max bet of $1.50, the win would be $18.11, which is a $3.11 additional premium over the $15 that would be the normal 10x pay. That’s a 20 percent premium in this example.

Марина Саворова

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